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How long are your sessions ?

Beyond the Wall Tutoring offers two options, a 30 min session and a  60 minute session


How many sessions will it take to see growth?

Every student is different. Therefore it's not a one size fit all when it comes to growth.  Everyone grows at their own pace, because everyone has a different starting point. 

For example student (A) could be behind a grade level or more whereas student (B) could be close to grade level but may only be missing some key skills. After the onboarding of a student is done, an assessment will be given to determine exactly where the student is.


How will I submit or produce a handwriting lesson?

Handwiting lessons will be done using an interactive white board, google docs, or students will use a regular notebook and pencil then show their work via camera.


What platform(s) do you use to conduct lessons on?

All classes will be conducted on Zoom or Google Meet


What are the benefits of virtual learning?

Online tutoring should mimic what in-person tutorials can provide, except with greater flexibility in scheduling and location.  In addition online tutees will receive 1:1 attention, which is important for student growth and overall gains. Lastly, NO TRAVEL TIME for either the tutor or parents. That time is better used working to elevate students.


What kind of system(s) are required?

You must have a relatively fast system that has a strong wi-fi connection. Connection can be made on lap top, desktop, or chromebook.


Do you offer homework help?

Beyond the Wall Tutoring will certainly work with students for a deeper comprehension of their current homework. It is our goal to make sure students are performing at their highest and best levels. Therefore, we can deviate from the subscribe lesson plan when needed, then resume.

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